Transforming Education with Immersive VR Experiences
XReps' cutting-edge technology captivates as it educates.
"Artificial Intelligence (AI) is personalizing education and training experiences by analyzing individual learning patterns and adapting content accordingly. AI-powered tutors can offer tailored feedback and support, allowing learners to progress at their own pace and focus on areas where they need the most improvement."
-Shannon Putman, PhD
Why Work with XReps?
It's our goal to increase students' cognitive retention and enhance traditional teaching methods, all while making learning fun. Our team is passionate about helping students advance their education by leveraging today's powerful VR and XR technologies.
Additionally, we aim to empower teachers by providing high-quality, customizable programs that are seamless to integrate.
increase in post-test scores among IVR test group*
Personalized learning experiences to optimize student success
What is the XReps Program?
Designed for cognitive training and evaluation, our football-themed program asks students to answer questions as they advance through multiple scenarios. The AI interface self-optimizes as students work through problems, resulting in individualized, paced learning against your unique school district's curriculum. This tailored approach helps all students advance in a manner that's best for them.
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Empowering Students and Educators to Accelerate Learning
with a tailored AI experience.

Research-Based Practices
We believe in the power of research-based practices. Our program incorporates proven methodologies to ensure a meaningful and impactful learning experience for every student.

Spatial Awareness Tracking
Spatial awareness refers to a student's awareness of their surroundings and position relative to them.
It's typically developed at a young age and is important for knowing about concepts like location, distance and personal space. Tracking of spatial awareness is unique to the XReps program.

Comprehensive Metrics
Our platform's performance dashboard tracks and reports student progress, so you can understand the impact of the program in real time.

Seamless Integration
We partner with a variety of VR & XR technology providers and device management companies, like Manage XR, to ensure seamless integration into your educational environment at scale.
Our partnerships aim to enhance accessibility and ease of use.
Bring Positive and Future-Forward Learning Experiences to Your Classroom